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Saturday, May 25th 2024 from 1pm - 3pm ET
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 ~ Make MASSIVE progress on a paper or home organizing project

~ Learn tips & strategies to be more successful with your papers & home

~ Connect with community members on the same organizing journey

~ Make it HAPPEN! By scheduling a time on your calendar & working alongside a virtual group your productivity (& FUN) will skyrocket!

"[People] who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64% longer than their solitary peers, whilst also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and higher success rates."

We call these sessions our "Group Hikes" and they're usually reserved only for Path Members. But, today I'm inviting YOU to join us!

Group hikes are accountability & productivity sessions where we work side-by-side on a live Zoom session to make progress on any project.

 The goal for these sessions is to take small steps forward on any project. From filing papers or working on your Spark! Life Binder to washing dishes or organizing your closet - work on anything productive!

If you can't stay for the whole session, feel free to come late or leave early - this session is for you! 

What to expect:
1. If you want to get a feel for the schedule and small step ideas, visit this page to get more info:

2. Grab your favorite beverage (mimosa, hot tea - your choice), and bring any project you're working on to the live Zoom video stream session.

3. The session will be working for 2 hours side-by-side through Zoom. It will be broken down into small “sprints.” Suzanna will share some music, take breaks to answer questions and you’ll have a blast!!!

4. You can attend from your laptop, smartphone, computer - whatever you prefer. 

5. When you join, you'll be on video but not audio. (It's really nice to see each other's faces, but you can turn your video off if you prefer.) You'll be able to chat with the group in the chat area & there will be times at the beginning, end & occasionally during breaks where participants may chat using audio.

That's it! By the end, you'll be thrilled with all you've accomplished!

A replay will be available for a limited time afterward to all who registered. Use the replay to enjoy the feeling of the group by your side as you work. 

This event is only open to the public twice a year. You don't want to miss out!

About Suzanna Kaye

Since 2006 Suzanna Kaye has been a Professional Organizer, Speaker & Productivity Coach, both online and in-person, transitioning to supporting her followers mostly online around 2018.

She loves sharing the mental side of organizing along with practical strategies and tools to take the stress out of papers & clutter.

She does this through creating a clear path of small steps - breaking down the overwhelming & complex tasks of decluttering & organizing. She offers free challenges, resources, weekly live Thursday Talk videos, monthly webinars, and her products: the Paper Path Course, Spark! Life Binder, Small Step Home Organizing Cards and Path Membership.

YOU can reach new levels of happiness in your home and life - one small step at a time.

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