Welcome to the Group Hikes!

As a Path Member these exclusive productivity sessions are the perfect way to get organizing & focused work time onto your calendar - while having FUN with other Pathfinders!

Here's more information to help you on your Hike journey.

2 Hour Hike - What to Expect
Check out an example schedule & task ideas with this Group Hike Download sheet.
View & Download
1 Hour Hike - What to Expect
Check out an example schedule & task ideas with this Group Hike Download sheet.
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Video & Virtual Backgrounds

As you join your video will be on, but you can adjust this. While we all benefit so much from seeing each other live, I know it can be uncomfortable to be on video sometimes. You can choose to turn your video off, or many people set a virtual background. 

Check out this video clip showing how to set a virtual background on a computer.

Chat, Audio & Raising Hand

When you join your audio will be set to Mute (so it doesn't become difficult to hear each other.)

During the first & last 10 minutes we'll have a chance to turn on our audio & chat with each other live. 

If you'd like to talk during this time use the Reactions button to Raise Your Hand and Suzanna will call on you to speak & unmute. 

Check out how to do this on a computer in this video.

Videos for Phone or Tablet
If you're joining us on a phone or tablet, here's a video showing both how to raise your hand & how to set a virtual background.
Additional Tips.....

Group Hikes happen 4 or more times a month for our Path Members (Pathfinders.) Occasionally our Spark! Life Binder Bonus owners are invited as well. Hikes & Live Office Hours are a few of the top benefits of the Path Membership!

(Any reference to Group Hike resources in the online library only apply to our Path Members.)

The Chat will be saved!

If it's distracting to keep track of everything going on in the chat - or you want to refer back to it later - don't worry!

Both a full replay of the session and the chat download will be available in your online Member library within 12 hours of the event (usually within 2 hours)

Log in to your library at https://www.SuzannaKaye.com

Check out the schedule for more Group Hikes and any additional Pathfinder events on the website Event Calendar!

Visit https://www.SuzannaKaye.com and click Event Calendar. Scroll down to see the next 1-2 months of Member events.

If the music is distracting or not your style, you can mute or turn down your computer volume. Just keep an eye on the countdown on my screen - at 0 is when I'll talk.
You can work on ANY productive task during a Group Hike! From laundry and gift wrapping to your Action File or Spark! Life Binder. Anything goes!
You can set your own timer on your phone or use a kitchen timer so you don't need to watch my timer as closely. When I start my timer you can set yours as well.
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Email me any time and I'd love to help!


A few more FAQs & helpful resources...
How to Use Zoom
For help with any aspect of using Zoom check out the Zoom help articles & video library here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360034967471-Getting-started-guide-for-new-users
What questions can I ask in the Chat?

The Chat area during the Group Hike is the perfect place to ask questions & share your journey with fellow Pathfinders!

Think of your Hike as a girls' day where you happen to be working together. Any paper or organizing question is appropriate - as well as any question that would be fun or benefit the group! 

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