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Create your FREE Emergency Medical Folder so you'll:
  • ✅ Have ONE PLACE for all the essential medical information for you, your pets & your loved ones.
  • ✅ Communicate emergency medical details to health professionals - even if you're unable to speak or not conscious.
  • ✅ Spend less time figuring out what information you need and where to keep it - and more time doing what you love.

Join the thousands of women who have used the free worksheets to create their own Emergency Medical Folder and take control of their important health info.

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In case you don't know about the Emergency Medical Folder or Suzanna Kaye...
The Emergency Medical Folder Bundle
is a downloadable PDF with fill-in-the-blank worksheets & video to make creating and maintaining emergency medical details for you and your loved ones easy.

Not all emergency & medical providers can access your digital files quickly in an emergency.
Don't leave you & your family's health to chance! 

The Emergency Medical Folder Worksheets are a fillable PDF file - Ready to print & assemble, and to save! 

Grab your Emergency Medical Folder Bundle for the easy way to keep it all together.
The Emergency Medical Bundle is 19 fillable PDF pages plus how-to video.

It includes fillable worksheet pages for:

✔️ Allergies & Vaccinations
✔️ Medical Conditions & Relevant History
✔️ Prescriptions & Medications
✔️ Doctor & Professional Contact Info
✔️ Home & Pet Emergency Instructions
✔️ and More!

The fillable PDF allows you to print and keep it as a paper record & save digitally.
Plus, with quick & simple how-to videos, you can put together your own Emergency Medical Folder within minutes.

This is one of 10 sections included in the full Spark! Life Binder™ for all your essential life information.
The Emergency Medical Folder Bundle is a download only. No physical item will be sent.

I hope you enjoy this exclusive gift!  

 Suzanna Kaye 
I used to hate papers!

I was NOT born organized. To overcome my own organizing & paper struggles I spent years studying organizational techniques and the psychology of organizing and productivity.

In 2006 (that’s over 16 years!) I became a Professional Organizer and spent my days teaching thousands of people how to work with their personality types to ditch the clutter and paper piles to create a peaceful home & get things done.

My audiences have ranged from international corporations, C-Level Executives & medal-winning Olympians to stay at home moms, retirees, widows & families.

I found that the biggest stress for my clients was papers! The fear of not being able to find what you need in an emergency - and loved ones not knowing where to find essential information.

That's why I created the Spark! Binder and Paper Path products. They take the hard work and decisions out of organizing papers & important details with small steps and fill in the blank worksheets. I've helped tens of thousands of people find paper peace, more time to do what they really love and know they and their loved ones are safe - no matter what happens.

I'm so glad you're here with me, Beautiful!

One small step at a time you CAN do this!!! And I'm here to help.

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